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JTB Sunrise Tours is all about helping you explore the country of Japan. From ninja to sushi to world heritage sites to even discount tickets, it is a company that commits itself to increasing global awareness of Japan as a travel destination. Its dedication to this cause has paid off immensely. Since JTB Sunrise Tours was founded over 52 years ago, it has assisted more than six million tourists and business people in their travel through the Land of the Rising Sun. Won't you let it serve you next?

Sunrise Tours prides itself on being the world's top prearranged package tour specialist for visitors to Japan, offering traditional English-speaking tours and free-plan package plans to major tourist destinations within Japan. Its free-plan packages are especially a treat, offering accommodation and transportation to popular destinations within Japan for often cheaper than the list price of the transportation itself. The company also takes reservations from groups and individuals for private chartered versions of its tours.

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The other day I went to a Japanese crafts exhibition in the Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro. There were a bunch of amazing hand crafted goods from all around Japan on exhibit across a large floor of the store. One of the great things about this exhibition is that you can actually see the craftsmen at work! This is a real chance to experience Japanese culture first-hand. I recommend checking out the food samples and Kashiwa beads!

【Food Samples】

1. The food looks amazing, right?
But these are just samples of what meals look like.You'll definitely run across some of these during your travels in Japan.These plastic food samples seriously look like the real thing and would make great souvenirs.You can even go and see where they are all made.

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Hida Takayama, a region known for its rows of traditional buildings, offers a variety of activities for you to enjoy, such as touring the sake breweries of Takayama or workshops where you can try your hand at making things. Check out some popular places to experience these culture activities!

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