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The first thing you notice about Yufuin Station is how cool and sleek it looks, a modern beast sitting placidly at the end of the boutique store-filled main street. But the majority of these stores don't open till 10am, so if browsing these stores are your main goal, don't leave your ryokan or hotel too early.

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Using the Kyushu Tour Bus - Beppu, Yufuin, Takachiho & Kurokawa Bus (Round trip from Beppu, Yufuin & Kurokawa) is a convenient way to see a beautiful part of Kyushu while getting transported to Kurokawa Onsen or Yufuin at the end of the day.

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Beppu, Oita

Say the word "Beppu" to any Japanese person, and they will conjure up images of bubbling "hell" hot springs, steam billowing from sidewalks and pervasive smells of sulphur. Beppu is known as the hot spring capital of Japan, and for good reason. It has more hot spring spots than any other city in Japan, and from the moment you set foot in the modest, quaint town, you can't help but fall in love with it.

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Travelling from Fukuoka to Nagasaki is a simple and convenient affair, with both express trains and buses running between the two cities at regular intervals. Best of all, you can do four of the best things to do in Nagasaki all in one day.

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QTIC, Fukuoka

Kyushu is a southern island bubbling with hot springs, volcanic ranges, stunning nature and delicious food. Our first stop in our little trek across the northern part of this warm and friendly island is Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu and a gateway to other parts of Asia.

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