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Beppu, Oita

Say the word "Beppu" to any Japanese person, and they will conjure up images of bubbling "hell" hot springs, steam billowing from sidewalks and pervasive smells of sulphur. Beppu is known as the hot spring capital of Japan, and for good reason. It has more hot spring spots than any other city in Japan, and from the moment you set foot in the modest, quaint town, you can't help but fall in love with it.

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Travelling from Fukuoka to Nagasaki is a simple and convenient affair, with both express trains and buses running between the two cities at regular intervals. Best of all, you can do four of the best things to do in Nagasaki all in one day.

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Experience the beauty of Yamanashi Prefecture which is home to Mt.Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes. Surprisingly, this region of un-spoilt natural beauty is only approximately 2 hours away by bus from Tokyo Station, making it extremely accessible for guests coming from the city of Tokyo. Due to its spectacular tourist sites, Yamanashi is a popular location that includes lakeside hotels, outdoor recreational activities such as camping, excursion boats and many other events to make for a fun-packed vacation. The most popular of the five lakes is Lake Kawaguchi which has a variety of hotels overlooking the lake itself and with its close proximity to Mt. Fuji is the ideal location to unwind. It would be no exaggeration to say that whatever season you visit, Yamanashi's abundant nature and changing seasonal landscape makes for a trip unique every time.

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Welcome to Nagoya, the fourth most populated city in Japan, well-known to Japanese for its tasty tebasaki chicken wings, red miso dishes like miso katsu, and the flat udon-like kishimen noodles, amongst others.

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Takayama City, or Hida-Takayama as it is sometimes referred to, is located in Gifu Prefecture and has enjoyed a certain amount of prosperity since it was first settled in during the Jomon period. The region has long been famous for artisans and craftsmen - particularly carpenters - and it is often said that the carpenters of the Hida region played a big role in the creation of some Kyoto's most famous temples, shrines and castles.

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