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by Brian - JAPANiCAN.com Staff
Summit of Mt. Fuji at sunrise
Tackle Mt. Fuji's challenging slopes in this English-guided tour! Begin your climb in the afternoon, grab a quick rest at an 8th station mountain hut, then arrive at Mt. Fuji's peak in time to see the sunrise!
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Highland Resort Hotel & Spa

Ishikawa Prefecture lies on the west coast of Japan's main island, a part of Hokuriku in the larger Chubu, or "central", region. It is best-known perhaps for its capital city of Kanazawa, an old castle town rich in history and natural beauty and surprisingly compact in size (a good thing -- more on this later). Kanazawa offers a range of sightseeing destinations and cultural experiences -- not to mention the tasty food -- that will delight history buffs and artisans alike. Two popular destinations are the ruins of Kanazawa Castle and the famous garden of Kenrokuen.

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Spring in Japan brings with it fine weather and an explosion of color -- the color pink, specifically. One of the most beloved times of the year in Japan, sakura season, or cherry blossom season, is a chance to see one of the most brilliant natural spectacles the country has to offer as the parks, mountains, and even city streets abound with beautiful cherry blossoms in various shades of pink and white. The beauty of these fragile blossoms is fleeting, so don't miss your chance to see them in all their glory! This sakura season, Sunrise Tours and JAPANiCAN.com present two cherry blossom tours in Tokyo designed to offer you the perfect opportunity to appreciate this vibrant, yet delicate scenery in various settings.
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Tanekura, Hida

As I came to find out on my most recent trip to the Hida region, the gassho-zukuri villages of Gokayama and Shirakawa and the old quarter of Takayama are not the only anachronistic hamlets hidden amongst this area's numerous mountains and valleys.

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