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Located a mere 7-minute walk from its sister establishment Kagaya Ryokan, Aenokaze is a part of the Kagaya Group; providing the high quality of service and hospitality of its older sister, while offering rooms at slightly more affordable rates. That being said, Aenokaze is not a complete reproduction of its sibling, instead exhibiting its own personality and unique charisma.

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The Kanazawa Chaya ryokan appears to be heavily influenced by this tradition of art and good taste that pervades the town in which it can be found. A facade of dark wooden lattice, a tile-roofed porch with white noren hanging from it, and bamboo growing neatly in front of the windows; this small, compact and stylish city ryokan can be reached on foot easily in roughly 3 minutes from the East Exit of Kanazawa Station. Despite its urban setting, the traditional Japanese inn provides a small oasis of calm for the weary traveller making the pilgrimage to Kanazawa in search of cultural and artistic stimuli.

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I arrived late at Matsuya-Sensen ryokan in Awara Onsen, Fukui Prefecture. Despite how late I was arriving, the staff were ready and waiting with friendly smiles. Fukui Prefecture is said to be voted the number one happiest prefecture in Japan. A combination of wonderful scenery, relaxed commutes, tasty food and brilliant sake make it an extremely attractive prospect in comparison to Tokyo's cramped and hectic lifestyle.

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Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to take a trip out to Gunma Prefecture to stay in the wonderful ryokan Hatago...

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Pictured: Iwaso, located on the island of Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Well, first of all, "What's a ryokan?" Well... That's an extremely difficult question to answer. In light of this fact, we at JAPANiCAN have thrown together this guide - Ryokan 101 - in order to offer information that should hopefully answer your questions. So, again, what's a ryokan? Well, try to imagine a top class restaurant that also offers comfortable accommodation, throw on top of this a building with exquisite architecture set against the backdrop of beautiful natural scenery which changes with the seasons, then we are beginning to get a picture of what the essence of a ryokan is. While, with a hotel, we pick a destination and then book a hotel nearby, with a ryokan, we pick a ryokan and that is the destination. We've written this guide and divided it into 5 different categories (and included a miscellaneous section and some useful links). If, once you've read the whole guide and there are still some questions left unanswered, please email us here and we will do our best to answer your questions. Let's begin...

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