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Sunnide Resort is a popular lodging offering hotel rooms and cottages right on the banks of scenic Lake Kawaguchi with Mt. Fuji towering on the horizon. Accommodations, facilities, and services vary between the hotel and the cottages, so keep reading below for more info about what you can expect when staying at Sunnide Resort!

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by Rie - JAPANiCAN.com Staff

At the beginning of March, with spring just over the horizon, I was off to Takayama in Gifu prefecture. My itinerary was a 2-night, 3-day excursion, which included catching a bus to Oku-Hida hot spring town's Hirayu Onsen, taking in the dynamic scenery of the Northern Japanese Alps with the help of the Shinhotaka Ropeway, and then heading by bus to Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture before catching a Chuo line train back to Tokyo. Keep reading to find out how it all went down!

During my trip I stayed at two ryokan: Takayamaouan in Takayama and Miyamaouan in Hirayu Onsen. Read on below to find out more about them, and don't miss the special offer at the end of the article!

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by Brian - JAPANiCAN.com Staff
Another year has passed (Happy New Year, by the way), and it's time to check out what you, the JAPANiCAN.com customers, thought of the hotels and ryokan listed on our site. Don't take our word for it -- listen to what your fellow travelers had to say!
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To visit Kira no Sato is not like traveling to big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka or even the historic old capitol of Kyoto. To visit Kira no Sato is experience rural Japan, to stay in a traditional Japanese resort ryokan, complete with the air of rest and relaxation that it embodies.

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