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Spring Events in Saga

Here's the latest info from Saga prefecture about some fun events for the spring! This prefecture on Japan's southern island of Kyushu welcomes travelers from around the world to come discover what Saga has to offer, and is ready to provide full support for all. Don't miss the end of the article for a download link for a free Saga travel support app and a bonus video!

Arita Ceramics Fair

The Arita Ceramics Fair (Arita Toki Ichi) is one of the famous festivals of Golden Week (April 29th to May 5th) in Japan. Every year, pottery fans from all over Japan attend the fair in Arita, a pottery town nestled between quiet mountains. The 1 million or so visitors turn Arita into a bustling town during the fair.

The ceramics fair has over 500 vendors lined up about four kilometers between JR Arita Station and Kami-Arita Station. They are abuzz until sunset. Full of fun for pottery fans as they hunt for bargains or discover pieces by young, upcoming potters. Their standard advice is to go on the first day if you're after top brands, and go on the last day if you're looking to save money. Having a rucksack, gloves, and sneakers makes it easy. Talking with the pottery vendors is also part of the fun!




Here's a unique event. In southern Saga Prefecture, the city of Kashima holds the annual "Gatalympics" from late May to early June. They hold it on the mudflats of the Ariake Sea where the tidal difference is the greatest in Japan. The Gatalympics is a muddy and unique competitive sports (?) festival on mudflats.

Fresh Squid


Wherever you travel, food is a major part of it. In northern Saga Prefecture in Yobuko, Karatsu, raw squid is famous. After you order it, they net a live squid from the water tank and prepare it quickly. The transparent squid is aesthetically prepared on a plate and it is very delicious. One of the pleasures of a fishing port town. After you're happily done with the sashimi, devour the remaining morsels as tempura. Many tourists in and outside Saga come here just for this. Saga has many other fun tourist spots! For more information, click here to download a helpful Saga travel app. If you have any questions, contact the call center within the app.



Did you know that, right now, Japan's all abuzz about the new travel app put out by Saga Prefecture in Kyushu?

There are tons of local area guide apps in Japan, but Saga's "DOGANSHITATO" (which means "May I help you?" in Saga dialect) is a step above.

How, you ask?

Well for starters, you can use it to ring up our Multilingual Call Center toll-free!

The app is available in English as well, with loads of info on Saga's sightseeing locations, accommodation, dining, shopping, wi-fi and places to exchange currency. When you don't understand or simply want to know more about something, just dial up our Call Center anytime - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - for support in English! WOW! You don't have to worry about call charges since the service is provided through Skype, and can even use the Call Center for interpretation when you need to talk to a shop clerk. This app will make your trip to Saga totally stress-free!


"DOGANSHITATO?" is how you say "May I help you?" in Saga dialect. Here in Saga, it's what people say when they see someone having trouble. We chose this kind phrase as the app's name to show that all the prefecture's residents are united in providing guests with great hospitality.

Download the app today, and have a great trip to Saga!

Click here for more information and to download the app!

Saga also put a rather interesting promotional video on YouTube. Check it out below! Note: Just in case, but it may be considered NSFW for some.

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