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Spring in Japan brings with it fine weather and an explosion of color -- the color pink, specifically. One of the most beloved times of the year in Japan, sakura season, or cherry blossom season, is a chance to see one of the most brilliant natural spectacles the country has to offer as the parks, mountains, and even city streets abound with beautiful cherry blossoms in various shades of pink and white. The beauty of these fragile blossoms is fleeting, so don't miss your chance to see them in all their glory! This sakura season, Sunrise Tours and JAPANiCAN.com present two cherry blossom tours in Tokyo designed to offer you the perfect opportunity to appreciate this vibrant, yet delicate scenery in various settings.
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by Brian - JAPANiCAN.com Staff
This spring I had the opportunity to join our Historical Tokyo and Cherry Blossoms tour. Read on after the jump to find out more!
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gion_kyoto.jpgKyoto: Japan's historical and cultural heart, capital for over 1,000 years, and popular destination for travellers across the world. When travelling to Kyoto, make sure to book your bullet train tickets and accommodation together at JAPANiCAN.com!

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Find yourself wondering what the most popular tours on JAPANiCAN.com are? Well, here are the top 10!
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Tokyo is a city brimming with overwhelming wonders, both historical and ultramodern.

JTB Sunrise Tours are here to help you make the most of your time in the world's most vibrant city. Whether you would like to take in the city from the top of Tokyo Tower or while cruising Tokyo Bay, see the city by morning, afternoon or night, we have a tour for you. Our tours allow you to experience Japanese culture like kimono and tea ceremony firsthand, wonder through skyscrapers, and enjoy restful gardens, shrines and palaces.

Enjoying the city with Sunrise Tours couldn't be easier. Our nationally qualified English-speaking guides will lead you through the best that Tokyo has to offer. With a pick-up/drop-off service available at all major hotels, the majority of our tours having a minimum passenger count of only one person, and numerous tours that run every day, participating in a tour is a convenient, hassle-free option to get the most from this exciting city!

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