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If you're hesitant about entering into a large communal hot spring and are looking for something a little more secluded, you might be interested in ryokan that provide private hot springs for couples. Inside we will introduce you ryokan that offer private bathing plans so you can choose a location that is right for you

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Nohi Bus

The Gokayama-Shirakawa-go area is still graced with homes built in the traditional 'gassho-zukuri' style and is included on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list. Villages in the area are still lived in, just like in the past. With historic architecture, natural environments, traditional crafts, and gastronomic cultures that have all been carried on respectfully from the past and that express the 'real Japan,' these villages are becoming popular sightseeing spots for both domestic and international visitors alike.

[ Traditional, World Heritage | published 2015.08.22 | PermaLink ]

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Tokyo Sumo

An epic struggle between two top division wrestlers

Start 2015 off with a bang -- or smash, if you will -- with sumo in Tokyo!

[ Sports, Tokyo, Traditional, Winter | published 2014.12.24 | PermaLink ]

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Get the lowdown on some of what Ishikawa Prefecture has to offer!

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Sightseeing in Snow Country
Snow Country is made up of seven cities and towns that are covered by heavy snowfall close tohalf of the year. This rather unique meteorology has in turn led to a rich, unique culture that can be experienced to this day. From skiing tohot springs, there is also a wealth of activities todiscover in Snow Country. Escape the everyday and refresh with a relaxing trip toa Snow Country resort!
[ Hotel, Traditional, Winter | published 2012.02.14 | PermaLink ]

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