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[ Onsen (Hot Springs), Ryokan, Traditional | published 2011.10.31 | PermaLink ]

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Tanekura, Hida

As I came to find out on my most recent trip to the Hida region, the gassho-zukuri villages of Gokayama and Shirakawa and the old quarter of Takayama are not the only anachronistic hamlets hidden amongst this area's numerous mountains and valleys.

[ Nature, Traditional | published 2011.10.13 | PermaLink ]

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Takayama New Spot

Check out three cool spots that we discovered on our last trip to Takayama, including a local sake brewery with a chic restaurant, a fantastic new history and art museum (which is also fantastically free!), and a recreation of a mid-20th century Japanese townscape.

[ Experience, Food & Drink, Traditional | published 2011.07.15 | PermaLink ]

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Behind me, I could hear the train departing. About four-and-a-half hours earlier, I had set out from bustling Tokyo Station. Now, I was virtually the only person at the ticket gate. This was fortunate as I struggled to coax my suitcase through the turnstile; the burgeoning bag bouncing off the barriers like a bowling ball down a bumper-clad lane.

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Soothing onsen, gourmet cuisine, stunning views, traditional design, heartfelt service... it is amazing how many unique characteristics can be conjured up by a single word: ryokan. This time around, I decided to stay at Komeya, the "gourmet ryokan" with an emphasis on cuisine, essentially the Japanese version of an auberge.

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