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This trip was organized by the Karuizawa Prince Hotel. Click here to book a room at this hotel

Karuizawa was first popularised as a mountain resort area by foreign residents of Japan in the late 1800s. These days it is a popular destination for both foreign and Japanese travellers alike. With tons of activities on offer from skiing, tennis, shopping and hiking, this is the perfect place for a family trip. For those looking to escape the city for a short break, its proximity to Tokyo - just 70 minutes on the shinkansen from JR Tokyo Station - makes it an easy escape to the beautiful mountain landscapes of the Japanese countryside.

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JAPANiCAN.com staffer Nick recently joined the Snow Monkey Tour. Read about his experience below.

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Running through Tokyo station in the morning rush hour with a backpack on, past the obligatory bustle of commuters on their way to work, I started to question whether it had been worth stopping to take a photo of the sunrise on my iPhone earlier.

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Sightseeing in Snow Country
Snow Country is made up of seven cities and towns that are covered by heavy snowfall close tohalf of the year. This rather unique meteorology has in turn led to a rich, unique culture that can be experienced to this day. From skiing tohot springs, there is also a wealth of activities todiscover in Snow Country. Escape the everyday and refresh with a relaxing trip toa Snow Country resort!
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