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Spring is the perfect time of the year for flower viewing and what better place to spend it than on a bus tour or cruise that takes you to all the flower and cherry blossom sightseeing spots you could possibly need. Read on below to learn about bus tours and cruises from JAPANiCAN that you wish you'd found sooner.

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Teru Teru Bozu, a stylish yet cheap hostel in Osaka

If you're not one for fancy hotels and don't mind sharing facilities, a hostel or guesthouse might be right up your alley. Today we'll introduce 5 budget accommodations in Osaka for travellers and backpackers who want to save on yen.

[ JAPANiCAN, Osaka | published 2017.02.23 | PermaLink ]

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Spring heralds one of the most anticipated events of the year popular with millions of Japanese as well as tourists from all over the world. What else could we possibly be talking about than cherry blossom viewing! Due to the limited blooming period, cherry blossoms are often thought of as a metaphor for the preciousness and ephemeral beauty of life. The art of flower viewing or "hanami" in Japanese is a cultural tradition that goes back centuries and during the season when cherry blossoms are in bloom...

[ | published 2017.01.27 | PermaLink ]

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The 2017 Sapporo Snow Festival will showcase a huge selection of impressive snow sculptures as always, but this year there's one that will be a real treat for gamers: Final Fantasy VII!

[ Events, Festival, Hokkaido, Packages, Winter | published 2017.01.19 | PermaLink ]

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The bus pulled out of Shinjuku a little after 10am, and with clouds parting for peeks of sunlight, it looked to be a fine day for a snow romp. But although I say "romp", think of it as more of a fun play in the snow for kids, or a gentle introduction to snow for adults. With a Thomas the Tank Engine train ride, a genuinely delicious lunch and pretty lights, the whole family can enjoy this modest day out.

[ JAPANiCAN, Mt. Fuji, Sunrise Tours, Winter, Yamanashi | published 2017.01.10 | PermaLink ]

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