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Miho-no-matsubara and God's Road

One of Japan's three major pine groves (Miho-no-matsubara, Niji-no-matsubara [Saga prefecture], Kehi-no-matsubara [Fukui prefecture]) , it is also part of the Mt. Fuji World Heritage site entitled "Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration." Miho-no-matsubara's trees run for approximately 500 m along "God's Road," which connects Miho Shrine and the Hagoromo pine tree. Strolling along its boardwalk, one is enveloped in a sublime atmosphere. Miho Shrine is also famous for its spring cherry blossoms, and popular as a spiritual spot that creates harmony in marriage and new relationships.

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The other day I went to a Japanese crafts exhibition in the Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro. There were a bunch of amazing hand crafted goods from all around Japan on exhibit across a large floor of the store. One of the great things about this exhibition is that you can actually see the craftsmen at work! This is a real chance to experience Japanese culture first-hand. I recommend checking out the food samples and Kashiwa beads!

【Food Samples】

1. The food looks amazing, right?
But these are just samples of what meals look like.You'll definitely run across some of these during your travels in Japan.These plastic food samples seriously look like the real thing and would make great souvenirs.You can even go and see where they are all made.

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Hida Takayama, where the abundant nature and historical streetscapes are a must-see, is famous for its heart-stopping views in daytime. But the gorgeous illuminations you can see at night mustn't be overlooked!

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Sendai has great events year-round, but the real thrill of the New Year is far and away the Sendai Hatsu-uri! Of the New Year sales held around the country, the Sendai Hatsu-uri is so significant that the government has even recognized it as a special event - it is the largest of its kind in the country.

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