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Hida Takayama, a region known for its rows of traditional buildings, offers a variety of activities for you to enjoy, such as touring the sake breweries of Takayama or workshops where you can try your hand at making things. Check out some popular places to experience these culture activities!

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Takayama Gourmet

Hida Takayama is one of my favourite old towns in Japan and its charm keeps me coming back year after year. Located in the beautiful mountains of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama is famous for its well preserved old town as well as the Takayama Festival held in both spring and autumn. It also has in my opinion some of the best gourmet food and restaurants in all of Japan.

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Hida-Takayama: surrounded by greenery and the mountains, such as the Japanese Alps. Even in summer, pleasant days are frequent; because of this, even since the old days it has been a popular summer resort. This summer, we have started a campaign "A Japanese Summer Vacation in Hida-Takayama"--change into a yukata (summer kimono) and experience the cool, Japanese breeze as you walk and explore the streets of Takayama.

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