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Satoyama Cylcing

Most people stroll through the historic district of Hida-Takayama, and go as far as the world heritage site at Shirakawago before heading home. Why not add a special experience to this typical route? Something to definitely check out is the Hida-Satoyama Cycling tour, which takes you through an area called Hida-Furukawa, where beautiful satoyama scenery still survives, and offers opportunities to interact with the locals.

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Nohi Bus

The Gokayama-Shirakawa-go area is still graced with homes built in the traditional 'gassho-zukuri' style and is included on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list. Villages in the area are still lived in, just like in the past. With historic architecture, natural environments, traditional crafts, and gastronomic cultures that have all been carried on respectfully from the past and that express the 'real Japan,' these villages are becoming popular sightseeing spots for both domestic and international visitors alike.

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arima Onsen

This hot spring town located conveniently just outside the city of Kobe is a popular destination for Japanese travelers, with weekends and holidays throughout the year crowded with vacationers. Arima Onsen is well known thanks in part to its long history, and its particularly romantic atmosphere...

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Kinosaki Onsen

Japan is known for its plentiful hot springs which are found throughout the country, offering ample opportunities to enjoy both a variety of hot springs themselves as well as the towns built up around them. Kinosaki Onsen is one such town!

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Here's the latest info from Saga prefecture about some fun events for the spring!

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