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Find out what makes Kyushu's Saga prefecture a great destination for your skin, stomach, and soul!

[ Onsen (Hot Springs) | published 2015.01.13 | PermaLink ]

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Tokyo Sumo

An epic struggle between two top division wrestlers

Start 2015 off with a bang -- or smash, if you will -- with sumo in Tokyo!

[ Sports, Tokyo, Traditional, Winter | published 2014.12.24 | PermaLink ]

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Welcome to Nagoya, the fourth most populated city in Japan, well-known to Japanese for its tasty tebasaki chicken wings, red miso dishes like miso katsu, and the flat udon-like kishimen noodles, amongst others.

[ Hotel, Shopping | published 2014.12.04 | PermaLink ]

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Takayama City, or Hida-Takayama as it is sometimes referred to, is located in Gifu Prefecture and has enjoyed a certain amount of prosperity since it was first settled in during the Jomon period. The region has long been famous for artisans and craftsmen - particularly carpenters - and it is often said that the carpenters of the Hida region played a big role in the creation of some Kyoto's most famous temples, shrines and castles.

[ Hotel, Onsen (Hot Springs) | published 2014.04.08 | PermaLink ]

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The hot spring town of Gero in Gifu Prefecture has been considered one of Japan's top 3 onsen spots in the whole country since the Edo Period. The man responsible for promoting the fame of the waters of the town was a poet named Hayashi Razan. These days, the town is a popular destination for young groups and couples who are looking for a pleasant rural escape from city life.

[ Onsen (Hot Springs), Ryokan | published 2014.04.08 | PermaLink ]

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